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This blog space has been created in order to provide a more inclusive alternative to the mainstream wedding industry, which pervasively perpetuates one type of wedding, bride and groom: weddings are white and expensive; brides are also white as well as thin while wearing white, being overzealous and demanding; grooms are mainly muted and gormless. Personal stories of same-gender loving and/or interracial couples are largely vacant, as are couples of colour, materially disadvantaged couples and couples over the age of 40, who can be of various backgrounds, with a wide variety of cultural traditions informing their ceremonies. When any of the above are featured in most mainstream wedding media, it is for the sake of tokenism rather than an act of true acceptance of the many diverse trajectories wedding ceremonies can and do take.

married couple

As a reaction to this current state of affairs, Invisible Bride is a project which follows the wedding plans of Bel and Toon (an interracial couple living in the Netherlands), while offering alternatives to brides and grooms of colour (and anyone else seeking an unconventional wedding plan), as well as voice to interracial, non-‘traditional’, over-40, same-gender loving, plus size brides and grooms, to make up for their invisibility within mainstream wedding media. This is a campaigning blog space to honour the fight for marriage equality in Europe, not just in the political field but also regarding everyday imagery and narratives.


This blog space is a safe space of colour where debate is welcomed but trolling, intimidation and bullying will not be tolerated.


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Anecdotal analysis of the wedding industry while we plan our own interracial and international special day.

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