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Re-locating Invisible Bride

Hello there folks!

As you know, I started this blog back in 2012 when I became engaged to my now husband Toon, and later enraged by the relative lack of diversity within mainstream wedding media. I intended to utilise  Invisible Bride (alongside my existing blog, Rants and Raves) as a platform to promote mainly online spaces that catered to same-gender loving, older, bigger, non-white, disabled, etc.. individuals and couples planning to tie the knot or jump the broom. I feel that I was able to do that to some extent and while my posts on Invisible Bride have become fewer and farther between in recent months,  I still feel there is a lot more to be done! This is why I will from now on, integrate the Invisible Bride project into my more general blog (accessible here). Obviously, now that I am no longer planning my own wedding I don’t have any new anecdotes to share with regard to finding a non-traditional dress or a non-racist baker. All the same, this is a very important counter-narrative, so as I come across new and interesting resources and/or inspiring stories, I will share them, just from my Rants and Raves blog instead. This blog will remain online so that you can still access and share older posts, however for news and updates, you can sign up to follow my other blog space here.

Thank you all so much for your support and encouragement. I hope it will be continued and carried over onto Rants and Raves. If you’re still planning, I wish you all the very best and if you are already in wedded bliss congrats! Stay in touch 🙂 ❤


Bel xx


nuskingoals: Skin care for women of colour! <3


This new blog space “nuskingoals” created to reach out to women (of colour) suffering from hyperpigmentation and/or scarring is quite the revelation. The purpose of the blog is to chronicle its creator’s – Sach – “journey to clearer skin”.

Still in its early days there are already a few posts giving helpful hints on products, AM and PM routines as well as providing readers with thoughtful and realistic advice. As Sach herself notes, she battled with her self confidence and found growing up with hyperpigmentation and heavy scarring a “frightening and traumatic experience.” Nonetheless, she bravely proclaims: “It’s my skin for better or worse, till death do us part!”

Therefore whether you are a bride, groom – etc – to be, or just someone who can relate to Sach’s experiences and have been on the search for some assistance, you can check out her new blog here. You can also connect with Sach via Twitter: @nuskingoals as well as via email:

Blackhair UK Magazine: Bridal Edition


Hello there brides, grooms and undecided! Blackhair Magazine UK’s April-May 2015 edition is a bridal special to help with the upcoming spring and summer wedding season.

Inside you will find all sorts of wonderful advice for natural hair, relaxed hair and everything in between, as well as beauty and accessories tips for your big day. If it’s not “your” day and you are part of the wedding “party” or a guest, there is lots in the special edition for you too, to ensure you look your slickest and sharpest. There is plenty of celebrity inspiration, product suggestion and beauty regime guides. Also the magazine is available all over Europe so you have no excuse to miss out!


Go out and get your copy today pr sign up for your subscription here.

Happy planning! ❤

Bridal Natural Hair Inspiration on International Women’s Day


It’s been a really long time, but as we’re in the final hours of International Women’s Week 2015, I just thought I’d share these beautiful shots of brides of colour, flaunting their gorgeous natural tresses. The original post (available here) is courtesy of and should give all you fly sisters out there, preparing for your big days later this year, some much needed inspiration. Don’t forget to share with your fellow brides to be!

Enjoy ❤


Reading Bridal Magazines from a Critical Discursive Perspective

Bryel white dress

A friend of mine from my old media literacy reading group passed this on to me the other day. When I saw what it was, it was one of the moments when you make a discovery and feel like “I should have done that” however I’ll promote it anyway.

A slightly more academic take on the wedding industry’s constructions of beauty, gender, sexuality and kinship – Bridal Magazines from a Critical Discursive Perspective by Ewa Glapka is really hot off the press from Palgrave Macmillan. From their website:

“Offering a critique of contemporary wedding discourse, this book marries together analyses of media texts and their reception to propose a new approach to media discourse. The analysis richly illustrates how women are invited to embrace not only the stereotypical idea of bridal femininity but also a consumptive way of experiencing it.”

So if you’ve enjoyed reading this blog as well as other critiques of the mainstream wedding industry, this could be a really nice addition to your book shelf. Also available as an eBook for those of you conscious about the environment. Enjoy!

Solange Marries in Serious Style!

So the blogging world is currently all caught up in the details of Solange Knowles recent marriage to Alan Ferguson, which took place in New Orleans this passed weekend. Knowing Solange and her previous fashion statements, as well as the music she has released, one could have guessed her wedding would be super cool. However, recent photos and reports from the big event have surpassed the expectations of many.

solange and alan

Fun facts from the day include the wedding couple arriving together on matching bicycles, the bride wearing a jumpsuit before changing into a dress (with a cape!) and of course the more predictable but no less exciting fact that Solange wore her hair natural! I’m no fan of the Knowles/Carter branding empire or anything associated with it (that *ish is so contrived..), but I wouldn’t be representing “invisible” brides if I didn’t promote the shear elegance and beauty demonstrated here by a sister so completely at home with her natural self. Additionally, from the sound of it, the wedding was as unique, quirky and special as Solange has proven herself to be in spite of her sister’s constant fakery.

With all that said, congratulations Solange and Alan! I really hope you go on to have a beautiful and long life together.