nuskingoals: Skin care for women of colour! <3


This new blog space “nuskingoals” created to reach out to women (of colour) suffering from hyperpigmentation and/or scarring is quite the revelation. The purpose of the blog is to chronicle its creator’s – Sach – “journey to clearer skin”.

Still in its early days there are already a few posts giving helpful hints on products, AM and PM routines as well as providing readers with thoughtful and realistic advice. As Sach herself notes, she battled with her self confidence and found growing up with hyperpigmentation and heavy scarring a “frightening and traumatic experience.” Nonetheless, she bravely proclaims: “It’s my skin for better or worse, till death do us part!”

Therefore whether you are a bride, groom – etc – to be, or just someone who can relate to Sach’s experiences and have been on the search for some assistance, you can check out her new blog here. You can also connect with Sach via Twitter: @nuskingoals as well as via email:


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