“A Different Kind of Nude.”

Brides-to-be of colour behold! The potential for flesh-matching wedding lingerie and hosiery!!!


Nubian Skin is exposing us to a brand new world where our hues will no longer be excluded from the fashion phrase “nude coloured (under) garments”.

This is very exciting and ground-breaking news, especially if that special day outfit will require you to wear lingerie and/or hosiery that matched your skin tone as closely as possible. Of course, you don’t need to wait for your wedding day or even be planning to get married to enjoy this long-awaited and well overdue alternative to white and beige underwear. And it isn’t to say that we couldn’t find brown and bronze bras, panties and stockings before – just that it is exciting to see another visible platform that targets women of colour specifically rather than as mere tokens to broaden an overly Eurocentric demographic. That’s worth celebration and acknowledgement.

Their web-shop will be available (and hopefully affordable) to the public very soon, so sign up for regular updated on their website to keep informed.

Enjoy & happy shopping!!!


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