#TBT: 1 week to go!!!

It’s “throw-back-Thursday” as in a week’s time, we’ll be almost married! So I wanted to share two pictures of us as kids now that I’m finally beginning to get a little giddy and excited about our special day.

Below you can see me at age 4, dressed up (by my mother and some other female relatives I presume) in my aunt’s meringue wedding dress. Don’t you just love those totally 80s curtains?! Amazingly, despite also being a bridesmaid at this event, as well as such early exposure to social ideals of femininity through Disney and the like, I’ve completely shied away from the typical “princess” notion of an over-sized white gown complete with veil and professional make-up.

Bryel white dress

I’ve struggled to find any pictures of my fiancé dressed up as a child, having said that, I prefer this natural picture of him to the idea that he may have ever been dressed up in a cute, boy-suit. His family was far more “outside-action” than mine and so most of the pictures of him as a child have him engaged in some sort of fun in a field, in the garden or playing a sport. This is him at his absolute cutest (almost like a little cupid!), about age three, already trying out archery!

bow and arrow


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