Black Hair UK Magazine April – May 2014: Bridal Edition

Ladies! The April / May 2014 edition of Black Hair UK Magazine is a bridal special! In short – go out and get it while it’s still in stores!!!


There are all kinds of hot hair tips for brides-of-colour to be throughout the edition, but some of the highlights are arguably the ideas offered for ladies who may wish to go natural on their big day (see pages 49 and 68-71), as well as fashion advice if you are going for something a little different than the usual princess look (see pages 120-123). As always, there is also plenty of make-up and beauty hints for those of us with darker skin hues (see pages 103-105), which is a much needed departure from the standard fashion and beauty magazine advice column, which tends to only acknowledge olive skinned, Latin beauties as their dark-skinned audience, thus not offering any guidance to a black readership. In any case, this it is wonderful to see this long-standing magazine reaching out to brides to be with a variety of pointers for how to achieve the classic / conventional bridal look, in addition to numerous alternative and yet gorgeous styles.

My personal favourite segment of this edition of Black Hair has to be the “Fairytale bride” – which turns Disney’s interpretations of beauty on its head once and for all, along with all notions of what a “real” bride should look like (see pages 110-113).


Of course, it’s a bit girly, girly – but in my opinion, as long as we have numerous, balanced versions of what being “girly” means, it’s all good.

Go out and get your copy NOW before it’s too late. Enjoy!






Ten Great Affordable Wedding Dresses!

Ladies who do not wish to break the bank finding that perfect ensemble for the big day – feel inspired! The fantastic UK Guardian newspaper has come to the rescue with a short but useful list (or gallery) of more affordable alternatives for wedding dresses for the cost conscious bride.

True, it is disappointing that all the dresses are white and follow a very narrow and traditional style – but it is a start I suppose to tell ladies it is okay not to spend £200 upwards on a dress they will wear only once in their lives. Unless you are Keira Knightley of course, who made a point of wearing her beautiful Chanel wedding dress over and over in public before spilling red wine all over it, because she’s too cool for school when it comes to this stuff.

You can check out the gallery here for ideas on a style or designer at the very least.

Happy Shopping!!!

keira knightleyLeft: Knightley at a charity event in December 2013; Right: Knightly on her wedding day in France in May 2013.