More Beauty Tips for Brides-of-Colour

The passed few days have been VERY productive fellow brides with brown skin and/or kinky hair. My big day is fast approaching (just under four months people!) so recent attention has been called to the beauty department.

Literally, right through 2013 I couldn’t have cared less about what I would do with my hair, what make-up style I’d be going for and I have barely stressed about the dress situation, regardless of how many concerned friends have tried to get me to seriously sit and think about such necessities. However, some time around early January, a panic mode went off in my brain and I began frantically thinking about hair and make-up (not so much dress as I only need to have it taken in..) and started doing research to figure things out.

I have to be honest, as soon as I mention to anyone that the wedding is coming up, people tend to ask me about hair and make-up, such as the young woman who threads my eye-brows, who immediately began telling me about the styling business (To To Effects)  she has started with her cousin. I already knew this girl had talent but the website really show what she and her cousin can do. So if you’re in and/or around the Hague area in the Netherlands and you’re looking for affordable and yet fabulous professional stylists who can make women of all hues camera-ready for all occasions, you should check them out!

While I still haven’t actually made my mind up about whether or not to go all out for my wedding make-up, I have made the decision to go for some sort of up-do hairstyle; the only dilemma remaining for me is whether or not to go with braids or with a natural and stylish bun of some kind.

There are just so many options!!! And I’m starting to see more and more that wedding madness doesn’t come so much from the planning, but from having to make decisions and worrying whether or not you got the choice right. I’d like to say it’s only one day in my life, so if I don’t end up looking a million dollars it’s not the end of the world, but our future guests have already made so much of the photo included on our invitations that I’m already nervous about the actual wedding photos.

I’ll let you know if I make it out alive!


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