The First Dance: by Dominique Morisseau and Jimmy Keys

The issue of the first dance is an ongoing one in my wedding planning so far. Neither me nor my fiancé feel confident with the idea of attempting anything beyond a prom-like two-step at our own wedding, simply because we’re not sure we would be able to learn – let alone execute! – any elaborate routines or complicated steps, such as the ones seen in the wedding  reception clip below. Nonetheless, I have to say I really do admire couples who “throw down” at their weddings in front of their for their first dance. Not only is it more cute – not to mention original – than seeing grown folks merely holding each other at the shoulders and waist while they shyly sashay from side to side (not naming any names!), but it shows the fun, sensual side of the couple. If anything, weddings should have a healthy and equal dose of both these characteristics.

That said, if my recent attempts to learn Kizomba proved anything, it is that no matter how much I might love music and dancing, I’m not so great at the latter, so Toon and I might just have to find another way to convey our originality, sensuality and the fun of our relationship on our special day…

This was both intimidating and inspiring to watch. Congratulations and thank you Dominique and Jimmy – your first dance was truly awesome to see!

Watch the couple’s amazing and creative first dance here:


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