New Study Reveals Increased Role of Social Media in Wedding Preparations

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Social networking via Twitter and Facebook, and other modern technology such as smart-phones are revolutionizing the ways brides and grooms are able to plan their nuptials. This isn’t really “news” to those of us on the wedding blog circuit but unveils interesting results and insights none the less.

Check out this article summarizing the study – What’s on Brides’ Minds Survey – conducted by David’s Bridal, which revealed 49% of brides would apparently consider broadcasting their ceremony via Skype.

While these insights are certainly of interest it’s rather problematic that once again the focus of this ongoing research is firmly on the bride, as though she is always the centre of the day.

As a result, I’m going to be on the look out for any research about new/21st Century ways of planning weddings that are more inclusive in the way of respondents/informants.


Rock n Roll Bride Blog for Alternative Wedding Inspiration!


I just discovered another alternative wedding blog called Rock n Roll Bride. The online magazine, which I believe you can also subscribe to features lots of pictures of real weddings, interviews with real couples as well as themes and ideas for your special day(s). Hopefully the title of the magazine (with an emphasis on “brides”) does not mean that the blog space is not also groom friendly, and/or also targeted at same-gender loving couples. In the meantime, check it out and if it’s cool (i.e. inclusive for all!) support and spread the word!

Invisibility of Lesbian Brides in Wedding Media


I found this news particularly upsetting recently.

Despite changes to marriage legislation on both sides of the pond, which are finally allowing same-gender-loving couples to enjoy the same relationship rights as heterosexual couples, Weddings Unveiled recently refused imagery of lesbian couples.

Disgusting and yet illuminates the very reason I decided to start this blog. I wish there wasn’t a reason for a blog like this, but Weddings Unveiled demonstrates just how unfair and unbalanced the wedding industry is.

Not that I had even heard of this magazine prior to this recent scandal, but I’ll be sure to avoid/boycott it from now on.

New Discovery – Check it Out!

Hello People! I just discovered (well not really “just”, but I haven’t had time to blog recently..anyways!) another blog for brides and grooms of colour/alternative weddings: Chocolatta Brides.

This tumblr blog is a beautiful archive full of images to inspire wedding themes, hair and fashion ideas as well as celebrating black beauty and love. I’ll be checking this out on a regular basis for new ideas.

Good job Chocolatta and thanks for helping to make brides of colour more visible!

Name Equality?

Recently I wrote a post condemning the name of Queen Beyoncé’s upcoming world tour: The Mrs. Carter Tour because a) the promotional clip implies that she is Queen B.* due to her marriage to Jay Z (why not Queen prior to?) and b) the use of of husband’s name professionally, even though she claims to be an Independent Woman.

We already know that legally Beyonceé’s surname is now Knowles-Carter (Jay Z’s real name is Shawn Carter) however recently it was reported by the Huffington Post that Jay Z also legally changed his name to Knowles-Carter when the famous couple wed in 2008. The post wrote that: “[T]he couple wanted to keep “Knowles” because Beyonce’s parents don’t have any sons.” The couple already have 1 year old Blue Ivy and the implication here is that she couldn’t have taken her mother’s surname (even hyphenated with her father’s) unless her father also  had that name. In a similar sense, Beyoncé apparently couldn’t hyphenate her name after getting married unless her husband did too. In short, this news does nothing to alleviate the misogyny inherent in the Mrs. Carter show (why isn’t the Mrs. Knowles-Carter show??) or any of the various components that make up Beyoncé the entertainer.


* I’m going to get into the problematic nature of Beyoncé’s glorification of the monarchy soon!