Contact your local MP for Marriage Equality NOW!

postcard marriage equality

I know I have terrible handwriting but just wanted to share with you what I sent to my local MP – Steve Barclay – yesterday. If you’re living in the UK* and believe that everyone should be able to choose how they legally and publicly commit to the person they love, regardless of their gender identity, then you still have time to contact your local MP to ask them to vote in favour of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill on February 5th.

Stonewall‘s website can give you more information on the Bill, the campaign for equal marriage rights as well as help you find your local MP depending on where you live so that you can send them a postcard (like I did) or an email or even a tweet! However you decide get in touch, do it fast! We only have until Tuesday to show our support for same gender loving couples in the UK – so that EVERYONE can get married if they want to.

* If like me your a British national currently living abroad but you still feel strongly about this issue, use the address of your last home in the UK or the address of close relatives (parents, siblings, etc) to find your local MP through the Stonewall website.


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