What is the “Beautiful Asian Bridal Look”?

Indian wedding bridal wear and fashion trends

So as those of you following Invisible Bride know, I wanted to create a space for brides and grooms of colour (and anyone else that feels that they are rendered “invisible” by the wedding industry as it exists today) to share and discuss wedding plans and ideas, since existing wedding platforms tend to focus on “conventionally” Western, heteronormative traditions featuring white, heterosexual couples.

Understandably then I was very excited to find a video tutorial for applying Asian bridal make-up on Yahoo.com! While I’m not entirely sure that there is one single “Asian bridal look” considering the size of the continent that is home to a vast number and variety of cultures, faiths and traditions, it was nice to see some beauty advice being offered to brides of colour who may not be wearing a white dress on their big day and therefore need style tips that will go with alternative material shades*.
Still, the video could give the impression that ALL Asian weddings feature red dresses calling for similar styles of make-up which simply is not true.Indian_Bridal_Makeup_Looks
Hard as I admittedly find it to overlook problematic, vague and generalising terms such as “Asian”, it is true that red and dark pink are the traditional and/or fashionable colours for brides to wear on their big day in several South Asian countries, where the colours are considered good luck symbols, such as China, Vietnam, India and Pakistan. It’s a shame then that when one does a Google images search for “red wedding dress” the majority of pictures are still of Western designs and featuring white models.
If you’re a bride of Asian heritage, let me know what you think of this development in the wedding industry? Do you find it useful and/or true to your culture? All the best as usual with your planning!
For more South Asian wedding tips check out this website:

* Apparently, red wedding dresses are “in” this season (spring 2013) for “Western” weddings too, so the video and make-up shades/techniques could be increasingly useful for women of all backgrounds having all kinds of weddings depending on how popular red becomes!


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