Wedding Planning Journal

My partner and I have recently been on the look out for a wedding planning book to make notes, clippings, important details, etc and basically keep a record of our progress. I saw one in John Lewis but thought I’d shop around before “committing”. It was pretty basic and plain and.. white! It was too typical to buy just like that. Turns out they’re pretty difficult to get hold of. We thought about using a website but I’m kind of old fashioned and would like a book that we can keep. Toon suggested we have a look on the (UK) amazon shopping website for a journal, however with the basic search “wedding planning book” the main results are for advice books. However, one of the results turned out to be the KTWO Golden Heart Luxury Wedding Planner. Check out the usage of colour and design throughout this planner, which are clearly aimed at a female purchaser. In my opinion, this is a great example of the heteronormative and sexism prevalent in the wedding industry, which implies that a) there will always be a woman involved in a wedding and b) the bride will always be at the forefront of planning the day.


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